Even though Spain and Brazil are favorites according to our model, they have less than 25% chance of winning the tournament. This is because we know that involves also a bit of luck to win a match at times. Since the world cup is only played once, this simulator allows you the play the world cup many many times to find out how your team did in the simulated world cups. The advised number of simulations (done in the browser) is already set, but can be altered.
If you don’t believe the strength for one or more countries that comes from the model, you can alter these yourselve to see what their results 'will be'. These changes of strength (when saved) are conducted throughout the entire site. The original model estimates can be placed back by resetting.
For the gamblers amongst us, a comparison between the model (simulation) outcomes with the Totto (Dutch lottery) is added per country/team.
Have fun!

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